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Inside the restaurant La Claire Fontaine, you will discover the huge Challenge Jean-Marc Sanchez cup, which is given to the winner of a Pétanque Tournament that takes place every year in June in La Garde-Freinet. Muriel is the initiator of this competition in memory of her brother who was lost too early at the controls of “Victory Team”, his formula 1 of the seas. Jean-Marc Sanchez was the World and Offshore Champion of Europe and tragically died during a competition in 2009. 10 years later, no one has forgotten him at La Garde-Freinet and we can pay tribute to him at Muriel’s in La Claire Fontaine.

This child from the village was very attached to La Garde-Freinet and it was with him that Muriel had bought the restaurant which was at that time an ice cream Parlor. Together, the brother and sister have perpetuated the family tradition by repurchasing the premises. They wanted to make this place a haven of peace where family and friends could savor a meal in a cheerful atmosphere. After all these years, Muriel has managed to continue in the same vein and today, Jean-Marc’s daughters often come to have a good time at La Claire Fontaine.


2X2 Pétanque will take place on June 8, 2019 at La Garde Freinet.